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We are fundraising for patients like Sofia.

“You have a type of skin cancer. ”When Sofia heard this she got scared and sad, and cried. "Lord, why? Why is this so? My husband and son got scared too because we did not expect it. They said to not be sad, they are going to give you surgery,” explained Sofia. “My husband works during the day and had to ask permission with his employer to take me to the doctor. We are so grateful for the help that they were giving us.”

Sofia was referred to Dr. Anne Truitt, a dermatologist and Mohs Micrographic surgeon with Skin Surgery Medical Group. “I’m very grateful to the Doctor (Truitt). She treated me well and would encourage me. She cared for me a lot, and I for her. She would support me, hug me. God gave her that talent …I am so grateful for her.”

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Access to care for all is our mission, it shouldn’t be a dream that is out of reach. Our physician volunteers and partners, who support Champions for Health, transform the lives of patients from pain and dire medical diagnoses to health, renewed family involvement, and productive work and community life.